Repeat youtube videos??

Type “repeat” into a youtube URL before the “” to watch it on repeat:

Which means:
Would turn into:

As simple as that…


Youtube Restrictions??

Sometimes you goto and you search for a video. After a long time you find the video and then suddenly a picture appears, which looks similar to this :

Youtube Restricion

Yeah… I know how it feels!! But there is a solution to almost everything. So, know you can watch almost all videos of youtube in no time. Just follow the steps.

1. Goto

2. Then, copy the url of a video, which you cant watch, because of the sick greedy bastards.

3. And now paste it, where it say “Enter The URL Address”

4. Click on Surf… And then… you are all done!!

Dont like reading?? Try video

P.S.: That was not my video and I didnt put up the annoying sound!

Have fun people!!